Premium – Music that moves!

Piega Premium

We are all well aware of the effect that music has on us personally. As early as the 16th century, Martin Luther described the importance of music for your state of mind as follows:

«It drives away the devil and makes people happy.»

We'll leave the devil aside. The fact is that music can reach deep inside us. The fine Premium loudspeakers with their outstanding sound pattern precisely reproduce the voice or mood of the music and emotionally move us.

The new generation of LDR ribbon tweeters, the 2642 MKII has been part of the Premium series for about a year. We are naturally very pleased that the trade press is full of praise for the further sound improvements and with comments such as «simply sensational with regard to neutrality, fine and broad dynamics and resolution power».

A selection of four Premium models and two center speakers of different sizes is available. A complete series, with attractive sound and design.

Piega Premium 701

Premium 701

The Premium 701 is barely larger than its smaller sister model. It also uses a 2.5-way system. Two 140 mm MDS converters cater for the bass, one of the two also handles mid-tone emission.

The newly developed LDR 3056 ribbon, used here for the very first time, produces the high tones. The Premium 701 can be operated in almost any room thanks to its dynamic and powerful sound.

Piega Premium 501Premium 501

This extremely slim column loudspeaker, which is only 16 cm wide and about one metre tall, is the perfect partner for high-quality hi-fi systems in small to medium-sized rooms.

The two long-stroke 120 mm MDS low mid-range drivers and the tried-and-tested LDR 2642 MKII ribbon, already praised in numerous test reviews, help the PIEGA Premium 501 to achieve a homogeneous, very detailed and spatial sound.

Piega Premium 301

Premium 301

The Premium 301 is a compact loudspeaker with a baffle about the size of an A4 sheet. Behind the removable fabric cover, a 140 mm MDS low mid-range driver and the LDR 2642 MKII ribbon tweeter ensure homogeneous transmission of all frequencies from 39 to 50 kHz.

Whether on the shelf, on a sideboard or on a stand – the PIEGA Premium 301 is an illustrious and elegant sound transducer for small to medium sized rooms.

Premium Center SmallPremium Center Small

Central again…

For small rooms, the Premium Center Small is the solution. The center loudspeaker delivers speech in all its brilliance. Period.

Even great as 'stand alone'

Center loudspeakers are not only used in home cinema settings. They are capable of delivering all the sound you need on their own.

It's the connection

A high-quality cable like the CableTWO assures the loudspeaker's delivery of speech, voluminous and natural.