Subwoofer – A helicopter in the living room!

Piega Subwoofer

A subwoofer turns music and film into an experience - whether as part of a home cinema or in the stereo range! Outputs of 250 or 500 watts ensure top quality sound effects and give you the feeling that the helicopter is landing on the floor of your living room. In the hi-fi area, a full, dynamic dip significantly enhances the sound nuances and also relieves the hi-fi unit's amplifier.

Do you know the feeling of experiencing low frequencies with every fibre of your being? That's all thanks to the subwoofer!

PS 2 SubwooferSubwoofer PS2

Active with 500 Watt.

The active subwoofer PS 2 gets more out of a piece of music or film. The profoundly deep bass output, the naturally deep sounds, the precision and the explosive dynamics turn a musical piece or a film into an impressive experience.

Complete consistency.

The placement of the PS 2, as well as the other subwoofers, is not demanding and it can happily be 'stowed' under the sofa.


The variety of subwoofer setting options can be ideally adjusted to your liking.

PS 1 SubwooferSubwoofer PS1

Active with 250 Watt.

The smaller, active and extremely compact subwoofer scores points for its impressive dip and is in its element in large rooms. Full and precise bass output and level stability are its specific talents.

Timeless elegance.

It is a true beauty in the 'subwoofer' category and its classy design and elegant base sidelines its competitors on the market.


The optimal frame dimensions and the base provide the right clearance to the floor and gives the impression that the subwoofer is floating.

TMicro SubTMicro Sub

Bone dry bass.

The fleet-footed, small and timeless housing of the TMicro Subwoofer is positioned a couple of centimetres above the floor on a delicate frame and amazes music fans with its precise deep sound. The 150 watt output of the subwoofer, constructed based on the downfire principle, is also perfect for filling medium-sized rooms with precise bass.

Amazing possibilities.

The stereo amplifier integrated in the subwoofer is both an absolute highlight and a practical feature. This allows the subwoofer and the TMicro loudspeaker to be combined with a flat screen, CD, DVD or MP3 player, iPhone, streaming server or computer to form a real mini hi-fi unit.

Ultra-compact subwoofer.

The downwards emitting TMicro Sub is one of the most compact subwoofers in this class.